Cedar Re-Roof

For some, replacement of and/or owning a cedar roof really separates what makes a house your home. In essence, love for beauty, love for quality, and above all love for self because you are what your home is made of.

We build roofing systems…. that is to say that we construct a functioning roof with many parts that work together symbiotically. First and foremost, we create the proper ventilation to allow cedar to breathe. Using only premium grade cedar products from a few select mills that meet our standards of quality, and installing every cedar roof with stainless steel fasteners, you can rest assured we are constructing a roof that will withstand the test of time!

We use only the highest quality 100% premium edge grain western red cedar from British Columbia in our re-roofing projects. Each shake is installed with specificity, great skill, and care.

Why stainless-steel fasteners? Because galvanized fasteners rust and back out of a perfectly good cedar shake thus keeping your roof from its full life potential. Galvanized fasteners can begin to back out of a newly installed shake within 5 years. This is why stainless-steel fasteners are so important and are used on every cedar roof we install.

Did you know that many manufacturers offer 40-50 year warranties? This erases the concern that they don’t make cedar like they use to, or that cedar roofs don’t last. That is as good as, if not better than many of the leading manufacturers warranties on an asphalt roof!

CedarTech Inc. offers an industry standard 10 year workmanship warranty on every roof we install. If CedarTech Inc. installs your new cedar roofing system we can tailor a maintenance plan to fit you needs.

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