Cedar Roof Services


Nobody wants to spend their money on the roof. I am certainly no exception. I would much rather put that money aside for a new RV, boat, car, washer/dryer set of a thousand other things – anything besides the roof!Unfortunately, I cannot afford to do that and neither can many of you. The simple economics are that once your roof is allowed to deteriorate beyond restoration process capabilities, you will spend from $350 to $900 per “square” (that’s roofer’s lingo for 100 sq. ft.) to replace it. At that rate the vast majority of today’s residential cedar shake roofs carry a price tag of from $15,000 to $30,000. Some are a bit less and many are a lot more. Under certain conditions, which are commonly found in the northwest, total deterioration can and does take place in less than ten years.

For a cost of $40 to $55 per square every 5-10 years, your roof can not only look good, but last a lot longer than either one of us need to worry about.