Natural Color Restoration?


The original color of a shake roof is reddish brown. This the natural color of the inside of a cedar tree. After exposure to the ultraviolet rays from the sun, the natural color of a shake roof is a silvery gray color. This provides a protective outer coating for the rest of the shake. If you cut the shake in half, you will see the inside is still a reddish brown color. The lighter silvery gray allows the shakes to reflect more of the sun’s rays which helps your roof last longer while it also keeps your home cooler.

We do not paint or stain roofs, which is what “Natural Color Preservation” is all about. Attempting to restore the original color of a shake roof generally requires pressure washing first. The stain’s color does not last and we’ve already discussed the questionable value of the oils in them. What would be your guess about the fire resistant properties of oil based stain?