5 Year Moss Warranty


If moss should reappear naturally during this period, the sole remedy to the homeowner shall be that the contractor will provide the CedarSilver needed to reapply the product as necessary to areas of regrowth. After the original application, one hundred percent of the product cost is covered for the first three years, fifty percent during the fourth year and twenty five percent during the fifth year. Warranty claims are determined by date of notification of regrowth. Product must be applied by CedarTech. Any moss regrowth claim is subject to the contractor’s inspection, verification and approval.

This warranty does not provide any guarantees, expressed or implied against water leaks of any kind. Warranty is subject to compliance with maintenance recommendations shown on completion Statement and is void if these basic maintenance steps, to include but not limited to the removal of leaves, needles and other debris at specified intervals, are not taken. Responsibility of scheduling maintenance lies with the homeowner. The costs of performing the maintenance, all labor costs of reapplication, and/or maintenance verification are solely the responsibility of the homeowner. Maintenance is to be performed by the applying contractor.

This document represents the entire limited warranty and remedies. No other guarantees of any kind, either expressed or implied, shall be valid or place any liability whatsoever on applying contractor. We recommend keeping Completion Statement and maintenance receipts with this warranty certificate.


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